I was raised in North County San Diego in an artistic household where my fascination with art was encouraged from an early age. As a Master Luthier (violin maker) my Dad was my introduction to master craftsmanship and the dedication it requires to pursue art. My Mom, who is originally from Venezuela, sparked my love of music and dance, and it is because of this that I associate dance, specifically latin dance, with expressing happiness and a sense of freedom through movement. This has had a big influence on the subject matter that I gravitate toward capturing, and the feelings I communicate through my work.
In my art, I am drawn to moments and images that make me feel intensely and passionately alive. In those moments, like in dance, there is a need to be fully present that gives me the sense of connection and freedom that I pursue with my art. 
I explore movement and depth through the interplay of various visual elements. By applying different techniques with brushes, pallet knives, and finger-painting, I am able to create a dynamic sense of movement or poise, depending on what the piece calls for. Much like stage lighting, I select my color pallets to amplify the feeling and impact of the moment captured. The interaction between soft and hard elements in my work are a reflection my attempt to resolve the juxtaposing needs for freedom and control that constantly pull in opposite directions. The goal being to resolve each juncture so they come together to form a balanced whole.
I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design with Emphasis in Metalsmithing, from San Diego State University. I prefer painting large pieces, because it helps me satisfy the desire for dimensionality and the tangible quality that metalsmithing fostered. Acrylics are my medium of choice, and the need to try new techniques pushes me to learn and grow constantly in my use of them.